Food Hacks

Want to create a no-stress, no-mess sensation from your Sunday scraps? Or turn up the heat with an ingenious take on the traditional fry-up? Then look no further than these quick-fire videos. Our delicious and butterly brilliant food hacks will brighten up any day. From nifty naan-wiches to barnstorming butter tips that will make your next curry that much more mouth-watering, here you’ll find amazing ideas to liven up your lunches, butter up your breakfast and send your supper-time into seventh heaven.

No fancy stuff – just tasty grub

Create quick, easy and (most importantly) downright delicious grub with an inspired twist. Breathe new life into leftovers or whip up a sensational sarnie the likes of which you’ve only previously dreamed.

Then learn how to make one of your fave foods in record time – in a weird and wonderful way you’d never have thought of!

Share your incredible creations with friends or impress the picky eaters in the family using easy ingredients you already have to hand. No fancy tools or kitchen gadgets required, just a couple of minutes, some tasty grub and of course a bit of rich, creamy butter to finish things off.


Crowning glory

Food hacks are a great way to turn classic snacks into something extra-special, make things a little easier than normal, or simply speed up the cooking process. From classic British breakfasts to inventive Indian snacks, just hit play on our videos and learn a tremendous, kitchen-enriching tip in less than 30 seconds.

Discover fresh takes on omelettes, perfect poached eggs and crafty ways to spice up last night’s discarded veg. Our food hacks take all the hassle out of cooking and add a few clever strings to your bow in the process.

Of course, all these delicious dishes go just swimmingly with a slathering of creamy, melting butter – the perfect taste partner to any foodie favourite. Whether you’re throwing a wedge into the pan or drizzling a lump over the top, Anchor butter is the crowning glory to create gorgeous food fit for royalty.

Afterwards, you can find more great food hacks on our YouTube channel, check out our Food Ideas hub for inspiring taste-sensation articles, or learn more about our brilliantly buttery products.