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Funky Toast Designs

13th November 20 - 3 minute read

Anchor Butter

Makers of Anchor Butter


Transform that piece of bread into a Picasso and serve up an art attack in your kitchen with our easy guide on making fun and tasty toast designs.

Breakfast doesn’t have to be boring. So if you’re tired of the same old toast in the morning and want to get your creative (and buttery) juices flowing, here’s how.

Mesmerize the kids – or just give yourself something to smile about – with amazing, eye-catching toast, slathered in delicious Anchor spreadable.


Toast stamps - what will I need?

Be sure to grab:

  • White sliced bread
  • Anchor spreadable (as much as you want!)
  • Tinfoil
  • Marker pen
  • Stanley knife or scissors


How to make toast designs

  • Whack on that grill (non-fan assisted) to get things nice and toasty for your… well, toast! Then, it’s time to get crafting.
  • Cut rectangular shapes from your kitchen foil and aim to make them a similar size to each piece of bread. Then, release your inner artist and scribble whatever designs you want onto the foil using your marker pen.
  • Take your scissors or Stanley knife out and (carefully) cut out the parts of the design you want to show up and darken on your toast. Easy as that – you now have your very own toast stamps! Whether you’re going for a classic smiley face – as happy as you’ll be – or something a bit more ‘out-there’, the cut-out sections in the foil will make your edible artwork come to life.
  • Place your sliced bread onto a grill tray and toast the side without your design for a couple of minutes. Next, remove the toast, flip – and spread your ‘design side’ with Anchor spreadable. Then take your cut-out foil and place over the buttery side and bob back under the grill again for another minute or two.
  • When it’s all ready, lift out your toast and remove the foil to reveal your designs. Cover in another generous helping of Anchor– and you’re ready to start feasting on your edible masterpiece.


The extras

Why not take your artistic abilities a step further and add some jam as well as butter to certain areas of your toast when it’s done, for an even more colourful layering effect?

Those red and yellow shades will really shine.


The results

You’ve created a Sistine slice. Pop art to rival pop tarts. Butter portraits that belong in a gallery as much as your kitchen (well, maybe).

Stepping up your snack game and getting creative with our toast design hack is a really fun way to jazz up your morning, evening or weekend.

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Anchor Butter

Makers of Anchor Butter