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Naanwich – the ultimate naan recipe hack

14th June 20 - 1 minute read

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Make your buttery naan stretch further than last night’s Korma with our ultimate naan recipe hack – the Naanwich!

Take your favourite sandwich fillings and create delicious naan wraps. They’re quick, easy – and a little bit cheesy (if you like).

Check out our bite-sized 20-second video guide to this hasty but tasty butter-enhanced sensation.

What you need

If it was Chinese instead of Indian for you last night, don’t worry. Store-bought naans still make a mouth-watering Naanwich that will leave your pals green with envy.

With this tasty trick, you can move your favourite sandwich fillings from boring bread to a soft and fluffy naan wrap instead.

You’ll need:

  • Naan (garlic ones are our favourite)
  • A small glass of water
  • Creamy Anchor Butter
  • Fillings of your choice (chicken, colourful veg and cheese work well)
  • A sandwich grill/toastie maker


Wet your fingers in the small glass of water and sprinkle the naan before microwaving. Once this thick bread is as soft and succulent as can be, add some rich Anchor butter and your Naanwich fillings. Be generous, but as tempting as it is, make sure you don’t overfill!

Once your wrap is bursting with flavour, fold together and grill until it’s perfectly toasted. Then seal the deal with a touch of Anchor’s melt-in-your-mouth butter before digging in.

Not only will you look forward to mealtimes with this nifty naan wrap recipe, but you can even add a small side of fries for a delicious dinnertime dish.

You have the power to make it as simple or as fancy as you want it to be. Whatever your food packing picks are, don’t forget to top the masterpiece with a touch of melting butter.


The extras

Turn your spicy Naanwich saucy with a drizzle of your favourite marinade – you can’t go wrong with good old mayo.


Tasty results

Once you go Naanwich, you never go back. With your favourite fillings in this fluffy foundation, and a smidge of butter for the ultimate food fiesta, you’re onto a really winner.

Explore even more fabulous food hacks on our YouTube channel or delve into our detailed Food Ideas articles for tasty recipe ideas.

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