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Omelette in a mug – make a kitchen classic quick and easy

14th June 20 - 2 minute read

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Our omelette in a mug food hack makes for an eggs-ellent breakfast, lunch or snack – full of rich buttery flavour and saving you loads of time and effort.

This quick and easy omelette recipe is filling and delicious. Throw in ham and cheese along with your butter for an even tastier treat.  

In this short and snappy video, we show you how to serve up a fluffy, satisfying classic in seconds.


How’s it done?

It doesn’t get much easier than an omelette in a mug!

All you need is a:

  • Mug
  • Eggs
  • Butter
  • Fillings of your choice

Grab your mug and crack a couple of eggs. Don’t forget a hearty dollop of delicious butter to give the eggs an extra boost of creamy flavour. Whisk away and chuck in your favourite fillings; cheese, veg and ham if you fancy it.

A quick zap in the microwave and voila – you’ve got yourself a great big comforting hug in a mug.


Time saving

This hack is ideal for those looking for a quick and easy omelette, without compromising on taste.

Using cupboard staples means this handy method can always be on your meal plan too. It’s fuss-free and perfect for lazy breakfasts, midday meals or satisfying snacks.

Be sure to sprinkle in some pepper or even a few chili flakes too, for a nice bit of heat with all the fluffiness.


Tasty results

Simplicity at its finest, say hello to soft buttery omelette, packed full of fillings of your choice. The results are compact but mighty – and you can even get stuck in with a spoon!

Discover more great tasty ideas with the rest of our Food Hacks, by visiting our YouTube channel or via diving into our Food Idea articles for even further inspiration.

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